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Artist. Creator. Visionary.

Art by Pracheta Banerjee

About Pracheta


Born in the northeastern Indian state of West Bengal in 1994, Pracheta took up art seriously at the age of 11 and was awarded the Chitra Child Art Institute National Award for Colouring, where she received a gold medal for securing first place a year after she started painting. She won multiple awards during her school years at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. A traditional artist since 2005, Pracheta has also been painting digitally since 2011.


She received her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media with Animation Specialization from St. Xavier’s College Kolkata in 2017. She won the prestigious Millarworld Award during her time in college and was the first Indian to win an award at the Millarworld Annual in 2016; she was one of the 6 artists selected among 1,500 artists worldwide. Pracheta worked on the series: Starlight; which was published by Image Comics in the United States.


Pracheta combines her traditional experiences with her digital works; her influences include Realism, Semi-Realism, Pop Art, Anime Art, Fantasy, and more. She feels that art should be without boundaries and should not be limited to technique, subject matter, or style.


Her works have been on the prestigious British daily, The Guardian, and have her work featured on several popular pop-culture websites such as BuzzFeed, Comic Book Resources &

Pracheta has been a part of several prestigious national and international exhibitions, she has even appeared on notable local magazines and newspapers including; T2, Sananda, S News and more.

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