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Coliro Colors Pearlcolors M003 Copper Pearl

I tried out the Coliro Colors Pearlcolors M003 Copper Pearl in this video. Coliro colors are handmade colors made with Mica pigments and gum arabic, the colors; made in Bavaria, Germany, ideal for calligraphy or illustration work.

Where to find them

Their official website is:

How to use

Ideally, one should soak the Pearlcolor in a few drops of water, wait for a few minutes until the pigment dissolves, then mix it with a brush for a richer consistency.

Thoughts after trying it out

After using this particular shade, I feel that it can be used like watercolors, mainly transparent watercolors; however, as a person who prefers opaque watercolor techniques, I would prefer if the shades were more pigmented and opaque.

On white, the color is barely visible; there is a subtle pink-gold shimmer on the surface, it stands out on black; I used Brustro Ivory Black Artists’ Acrylic color for the base and overlayed it with Pearlcolor, after it dried out, the full-effect became quite visible.

Overall I would rate it 6.5/10

Color Chart


1. Beautiful shimmer, iridescent color.

2. Easy to use.

3. Can be used on different surfaces, e.g. paper, wood, plaster, stone, etc.

4. Does not shed pigment when rubbed after the surface dries out.

5. Does not fade.


1. Not opaque enough, although Pearlcolors are stated as translucent colors originally, personally would prefer a more opaque and pigmented formula.

2. Barely visible on a white surface.

3. Does not feel like high-quality premium colors upon usage.

Links to all the materials used:

Finetec: Coliro : Pearlcolors: Mica Watercolour Paint: 30mm Refill: Copper Pearl M003:

Black Acrylic base: Brustro Ivory Black Artists' Acrylic:

Faber-Castell Paint Brush Set - Round, Pack of 7 (Blue) (Used Synthetic brush size 10):

Anupam Artists Acrylic Papers, 400 GSM, 10 Sheets (A4 Size):


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