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Genuine Lapis Pigment VS Modern Pigments

Comparing Modern Pigments to Genuine Lapis Pigment.

I feel that for the time, Lapis Pigments did really well, however, it is no surprise that modern pigments have come far.

Lapis Pigments have a beautiful earthy tone, good for dull, shadowy areas, something modern pigments would not be able to capture, I used both the blues in a painting that I am working on currently, which I will reveal once completed, the Lapis Pigments have a velvety look to it once dry, the Modern Ultramarine & Genuine Lapis pigments were both matte, however, the Ultramarine didn't look as dark once it dried out, somewhat of a medium blue, although I added a second layer over my oil painting, the colors look much richer now, the Lapis isn't as great with the pigments being layered.

The drying time was about 4 days for me, I kept the work in humid & cool spaces simultaneously, I expected it to take longer, the Ultramarine dried in about the same time.

I tested out Acrylics & Watercolors in this video, the pigment that looked best was the Winsor & Newton Galeria Ultramarine Acrylic. However, Camel is more versatile, as I compared Brustro Ultramarine Artists' Acrylic with Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Ultramarine Blue & Camel Artist Acrylic Colour Cobalt Blue Hue, the base was Linen primed Canvas, coated with Brustro Ivory Black Acrylic for the absorption test.

When wet:

When dry:

We can see that Camel Artist Acrylic Colour is consistent & doesn't get absorbed even when dry, the other two brands have not been consistent with their results.

Blues are rare in history & there haven't been many variants produced over the years, however, a fairly recent blue would be YInMn Blue, an accidental discovery by Professor Mas Subramanian and his graduate student, Andrew E. Smith, at Oregon State University in 2009. You can find them at The Italian Art Store online:

Brands used in the video:

Michael Harding Handmade Artists Oil Colours:

Lapis Lazuli (Afghan)

Ultramarine Blue

Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic:

Cerulean Blue Hue

Brustro Ultramarine Artists' Acrylic

Camel Artist Acrylic Colour

Cobalt Blue Hue

Prussian Blue

Camel Artists' Water Colour

Prussian Blue


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